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Your blog is always getting such aggressive anons so here's another - who's more attractive Regina or Robin?

hope2x answered:

As much as I love Robin, hands down easy decision. Look at this woman!!


Who else can go from THIS






*drops dead*

let’s not forget this:

or this:

or this:

or this:


melazon asked:

OQ + "Hey, have you seen the…? Oh.” :D

filledwithlight answered:

It’s the first time in years she’s slept past 8:30 in the morning, and when she realizes it’s nearly 11:00, Regina stiffens and shoots up quickly from the bed. Robin isn’t there, which isn’t surprising, since Roland is usually up quite early, but she does take a moment to recognize that it’s nicer waking up beside him, being able to tuck herself into the warmth of his arms with no hesitation. 

He’s ruined her.

As it should be.

She needs a hot shower, but she’s also starving, and there’s laundry to start. The moment that thought is given life, Regina realizes the laundry basket is gone. Putting her robe on as she wanders downstairs towards the kitchen, Regina asks, “Have you seen the…” 

But before she can finish that sentence, a small voice suddenly fills the room: “Gina!

It’s Roland, and he’s smiling in pure joy, though it’s when her eyes rest on him that she takes notice of his father, and the fact that both boys are a mess, covered in flour. 

The laughter begins, likely as a result of both being caught, and the mortified expression on Regina’s face. Her kitchen is a disaster, but as she takes a deep breath and steps closer, the tension simply melts away. Robin hooks an arm around her waist, pulling her closer, and suddenly, Roland is in her arms, unaware that he’s getting flour all over her, simply happy to be held by her. 

"Making you pamcakes," Roland declares, patting her cheeks and kissing her. 

Pancakes, my lad,” Robin corrects gently, tossing one of his dimpled grins at both of them. 

"Well, I’m looking forward to these pancakes,” she smiles, sighing softly and kissing Roland’s forehead. 

"The laundry’s nearly done, and not to worry, love, I’ll clean everything up," Robin assures her, leaning in to kiss her temple before getting back to the task at hand, pouring the batter into the skillet. 

Roland tucks his head against Regina’s shoulder, apparently quite content right there, and as Regina catches Robin’s eye again, she thinks, This is how it’s supposed to be.



I see a trend here. 


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